Monday, September 28, 2015

Check Yoself: The Art of Planning and Reflection

So many people tend to go through life simply reacting to situations and continually letting the same setbacks hold them back.  It doesnt help that there are endless distractions all around in todays world, makeing it incredibly easy to get side tracked and become offbalance in life.  People start overlooking important priorities, placing less rewarding priorities such as work over family and simply go through days without much thought or direction.  Learn to break out of this downward spiral of a habit!  Instead of wandering aimlessly through life, identify exactly what it is you want and go get it, no matter what obstacles you may face along the way, no matter who tells you to do otherwise.  
It's amazing what the mind has the capability of doing and how people can go through much of life without harnessing their maximum potential, settling for a life so much less than what they are truly capable of. Habits are hard to break yes, but with consistent monitoring and reflection of day to day actions, one would be amazed at all that can be accomplished and overcome.  Find the time and get connected with your true values and priorities, focusing on what YOU want out of life and stop wasting crucial energy on anything unnecessary, anything holding you back from reaching your goals and dreams.  Just 10 minutes of planning and reflecting on a day to day basis can make a world of a difference in your life when practiced consistently.  
Know Your Core Values
Its important to always have a general plan, some form of direction for your days, weeks, months and years to come.  This can be hard to do however when you dont fully know yourself and what it is you really want out of this crazy life.  Often times we let what others want for us affect our actions and decisions even if it means our own happiness is sacrificed.  To get on the right track, take the time to turn off all distractions a day take the time to identify your core values in life, what truly adds happiness, purpose and energy to life in your eyes.  Do this and you will start to see clearly what is most important to you and what actions or changes need to happen in order to maintain these values.  You may also come to realize that you are putting other aspects in life ahead of what's really important to you or youve been focusing too much in one area while neglecting another area just as valuable. Write your values in a place you can always refer back to if ever feeling doubtful.  Values could range anything from health, family, your spouse, security, travel, wealth, knowledge, adventure, fame, you name it.  There is no right or wrong answer, just be honest with yourself! Once values are clear, it will become so much easier to put some meaningful plans into your days, brining both focus and direction to your day to day actions and more success in accomplishing the life you've dreamed of.
Planning Time
A lot of times we know exactly what we want but somehow never aquire this goal.  This can happen due to a variety of reasons but often it happen simply because we become distracted and fail to plan how to go about every aspect towards actually reaching our goals and pursuing our life long dreams. We don't follow through!  It becomes more of a wish than an actual attainable dream or goal.  Find a space  space and time in day to day life, away from any distractions to truly go inside your mind and make some serious plans!   Answering simple but crucial questions often overlooked can add more focus to any circumstance.  Ask yourself and answer as clear as possible, what needs to be accomplished, how you will go about conquering these tasks and dont forget to ask yourself why you are making these plans.  If the reasons why are not to satisfy core values then reevaluate!  Are you truly happy with the choices you are currently making and thoughts you are creating? If not, make the decision to change, it is always in your control.  Once clear steps toward your goals have been made, the goal becomes so much more attainable because you have direction.  Learn to create a cyrstal clear visual of your end goal along with a clear vision of the steps needed to reach the goal.
Just as critical as planning is the act of reflecting, which will also help ensure you are putting plans to action.  Humans have this crazy habit of getting way too comfortable in life, often creating a falsified ego about how much they are doing.  There is always room for growth, no matter what your age, remember this!  Learn to always recap your days to look for mistakes you may have made, for areas of improvement, even if it's the slightest change.  Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself  to be the best version possible of yourself.  When reflecting, focus attention first on the accomplishments of the day, then look for any possible areas of improvement.  Were your accomplishments in line with your priorities and values?  What went well?  What could have gone smoother?   Are you focusing too much in one area of your life and not enough in another?  Look at both positives and negatives of yourself and actions throughout the day.  Dont judge yourself in a negative harsh way but also dont let yourself start forming an ego, thinking there are no faults to your being.  Simply be aware of the faults so you know what may need improvement tomorrow, what could be avoided in a similar situation in the future, and start solving your mistakes before they repeat.  

Give it some effort and over time watch yourself start to plan and reflect out of pure positive habit and notice yourself making less mistakes while accomplishing more in day to day life.  Be sure to check my recommended reads on the sidebar.  The Outliers by Malcom Gladwell is a great read that expands on just how crucial small habits can be in the lives of the most successful.  What are some of your goals for the upcoming weeks and month to come? 

 Wake up, stay focused and have a beautiful day readers!

Peace & love,


Monday, July 27, 2015

Korean BBQ

Being that my husband is Korean and enjoyed half of his childhood growing up there, the Korean cuisine has become a big part of my life as well.  If you have not discovered Korean cuisine, Korean BBQ is a great place to start.  I must also mention how healthy and balanced of a diet Koreans have, one of the reasons I love the cuisine so much.  No wonder, as a nation, South Korean people seem to be so health conscious and physically fit!  I truly believe the Korean diet has much to do with the overall health and success of their people.

Now if your diet is primarily westernized, some of their dishes may prove to be overwhelming and challenging to even consider but with an open mind, Korean BBQ is a perfect place to begin embracing the culture of South Korean cuisine. 
The big question is, what does Korean BBQ really entitle?  The basis of Korean BBQ revolves around the idea of communally cooking food at your table with family and friends.  At a Korean BBQ restaurant you will come in to find tables set up with a nice sized grill in the middle of each table. I love these tables. To grill, expect quality cuts of meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables to choose from. 

Choose a Combo, Any Combo...
Once you are seated, you'll be greeted and offered hot barley tea or water.  There will be given a variety of combo selections to choose from.  These combos vary in price but will often include a marinated beef sirloin known as bulgogi, chicken, kalbi beef short ribs, pork, prawns, squid and mixed vegetables to choose from. If you are feeling extremely adventurous you can even opt for a combo including beef intestines and other various organs, which although may be foreign to western cultures, eastern cultures prize these organs for their nutritional qualities. 
It's All About the Banchans!
After choosing a combo dish, get ready to feast!  Aside from the choice cuts of meats, true Korean BBQ always serves many many side dishes!  These side dishes are known as banchans and add such a nice contrast to the meats.  They are so good!  Banchans typically include kimchi, a fermented cabbage known as a staple to Korean cuisine, pickled white radish, cucumber, spinach, potato, green onion, and the list could continue. Every korean restaurant serves their own unique combination to side dishes.  Be bold and try these sides either seperatly or in between bites of the main meal for a nice contrast in flavor.  They know how to make the side dishes taste great while still using super healthy ingredients. 
When the server brings out with the combo plate, do not be shocked when a pile of uncooked meats comes out.  This is the thrill of the whole experience, the customers get to cook the meats themselves together!  And if you do need help, your server will be glad to help out.  The freshness that comes from the meats coming straight off the grill is to die for. Combined with the array of banchans, rice and salad, your tastebuds will reach a whole new level of amazed. The best part about it is everyone can choose to eat what they like, tailor making the meal to fit their taste pallet and diet preferences. 
Never have I left a Korean BBQ without feeling better than I did prior to walking in and so happily satisfied. And the great part about it, you can consume it all knowing you are eating a good balanced meal of protein, carbs, and key nutrients from all the selections of veggies. 

Hope you all enjoyed the post.  Broaden your comfort zone and try out some Korean BBQ! It will be an experience to remember and so tasty.  I absolutely love Korean BBQ. And if you have any of your own experiences with Korean BBQ, share them by commenting below! :)

Peace & love,